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Stock Markets are the most fascinated profession or side income sources ,it also act as a wealth generation source for many people across the globe. If you r into stock markets u might have heard the word trading ,investing ,day trading ,swing trading, scalping ,micro scalping, positional trading. Investing also has many types long term investing short term investing medium term investing .The word term in this might fascinate you. It is the time period for the time you wish to hold on to the securities and then at your desired price u sell them.

Friend very few know that your investment can also become zero ,recent case happened with yes bank where the stock was performing excellent years on years but due to some company inside issues stock price fell from 250 to 15 .are u sure about the investment in equities u made ,friends stock market is the part of education, 80% people just buy and sell share because they hear from the crowd ,you should always consult your financial advisor an expert who can help you to buy good securities looking at its technical and fundamentals so the fact which belong here is yes there are possibilities that your investment can become zero.


Financial advisors are people who guide you about investing in equity and also many of them manage your portfolios too. Friends market revolves in cycles ,what are these cycles ,they are called as phases .There are four phases stock markets undergo through every single time, if we understand the phases u will definitely understand the correct location to execute the buy or sell action

Many people are still not aware of the fact that whenever the markets fall ,u can make money ,dont worry i will explain  you how, basically this concept is known as short selling. within a minute or so you will be awarded about the terminology

Short selling takes place when an investor or trader borrows a security and sells it on the open market, planning to buy it back later for less money. Short sellers bet on, and profit from a fall in a security’s price. Short selling has a high risk/reward ratio. There is a say in dalal street market rise like stairs and falls like lift. whenever market falls you can shortsell your security and look for a great risk reward ratio.